A New Approach in Composite Market: Unsaturated Polyester Resin Prepregs; EZ-Preg®

05 Aralık 2019

Burak Darcan
İcra Kurulu Başkanı – Kurucu
CEO – Founder
Tila Kompozit Temsilcilik İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Pre-impregnated carbon, glass or aramid fibers are called prepreg. This definition is abbreviation of “preimpregnated”. Although epoxy prepregs, which are commonly used today, meet the requirements for strength, they do not satisfy the manufacturer in many cases in terms of cost, storage and production speed. Polyester prepregs will be used to eliminate this dissatisfaction in the sector and meet the demand. There are 4 main features that distinguish polyester prepreg from others:

1. Raw Material: Unsaturated polyester resin is used as raw material in EZ-Preg prepregs This significantly reduces the cost and makes a major economic contribution to the manufacturer in mass and rapid production. In addition, it increases the product range (ortho, iso, blend etc.).

2 .Fiber/Resin Ratio: In the hand lay-up method, the amount of resin is 70-80% relative to the fiber. This leads to a high consumption of resin, increases the weight of the part and adversely affects its strength. However, in polyester prepregs, this can be adjusted to the desired ratio and the needs of the consumer are met in the best way.

3. Curing System: One of the main features that distinguishes this system from other systems is that the curing system is provided with LED light. Thanks to its specially formulated resin, which is one component, it is cured with LED device to be used in the system without the need of any catalyst.

4. Curing Time: Another basic feature is that the curing time is much shorter than other methods. With the LED device to be used, the system is cured in a very short time such as 5 minutes. Since no catalyst is used, the gel time of the system is normally very long as long as no UV light is applied and no unwanted, untimely curing occurs.

Example of a LED Lamp

• Fast curing – approx. 5 min.,
• One-component product – long shelf life,
• Low energy requirements for curing,
• Less VOC release,
• Easy cleaning,
• Less space usage,
• Easy and effortless operation.

Prepreg Benefits
• Use on vertical surfaces,
• 50% glass fiber content,
• Innovative technology.

Application Areas
• Filament winding,
• Pultrusion,
• Automotive,
• Pipe, CNG tanks, storage tanks,
• Profiles, rebar,
• Wind blades,
• Boat manufacturing,
• Repair of all structural parts.

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