BASF Opening of TPU Development Center in Wyandotte

05 Aralık 2019

BASF opened its Elastollan TPU development center in Wyandotte, MI, USA. It allows customers to create and test new TPU solutions without having to interrupt their own production facilities. Customers can evaluate formulations faster, shorten development cycle times, develop production-quality samples and, ultimately, increase their speed to market.

thyssenkrupp Commissions One of The Largest Textile Polyester Plants for SASA in Turkey

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions recently successfully commissioned a new polyester plant for the production of staple fibers for SASA in Adana, Turkey. The new plant is one of the largest single line-production facilities for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for textile applications. It is designed to produce up to 380,000 metric tons of PET per year (1,050 tons per day).

Students of Düzce University Develop Prototype Car for Formula Student Race

Students of Düzce University Motor Sports Association (MOSTOP) founded in counselling of Research Assistant in Department of Mechanical Engineering Yakup Okan Alpay produced a prototype car for Formula Student Race, one of the most prestigious races among engineering faculties of all over the world. The frame of the car was made of carbon fibre and glass fibre composite materials and the raw material of the car is carbon fibre composite, which is much more durable and lighter than steel. The prototype car was developed by the devoted study of the students and MOSTOP counsellor Research Assistant Yakup Okan Alpay at Composite Materials Laboratory of Department of Mechanical Engineering of Engineering Faculty of Düzce University.

New Composite Foam for Plane Wings

A group of researchers have developed new composite metal foam to be used in plane wings. This new foam has put a much more outstanding performance compared to aluminium in tests. Front edges of plane wings (Slat area) should be produced to resist to severe conditions. New researches show that steel composite metal foam (CMF) and epoxy resin have much more capability to meet the requirements than aluminium, which has been used widely so far. The researchers say that despite being as light as aluminium, CMF is more attractive in terms of safety and fuel efficiency besides having the durability to resist the most severe flight conditions.

Lanxess AI-Assisted Formulation Development for Urethane Systems

Lanxess announced that it is broadening the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in product development. The company has launched a project aimed at expanding its range of prepolymers. The goal is to offer customers tailor-made polyurethane systems with even shorter lead times, including for entirely new applications with different requirements. The Urethane Systems Business Unit is using the potential of AI and has brought materials AI company Citrine Informatics on board as a project partner.