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The smell of coffee is appealing to everyone. So that when we enter a coffee shop, the smell radiates us and makes us happy.
Coffee experts use coffee scent to differentiate between different coffee beans. The coffee scent is not attached to caffeine so
that decaf coffee also has a smell. Some studies show that our brains are stimulated with coffee odor even without drinking

Researchers at the National University of Seoul conducted experiments on rats, showing that when mices are exposed to stress
due to low sleep, and then when they are exposed to coffee smelling, there is a change in the level of protein in the brains due to
this stress. For this reason, experts think that it may be more beneficial to take only coffee scent without drinking coffee in the

According to a review by Ronald Postuma written in Science Daily at 2012, drinking coffee helps Parkinson patients to control
their movements. Coffee drinkers also have a lower rate of getting Parkinson disease. Hence, according to a study conducted by
the National Health Institute, coffee drinkers who drink four or more cups of coffee a day, are 10% less depressed than those who
never drink it. Also a study by the Harvard Public Health School found that drinking two to four cups of coffee a day reduces
suicide rates by about 50% for both men and women. The reason is that it acts as a mild anti-depressant and helps produce
nerve secretions such as serotonin and dopamine.

All the scientific research described above shows that coffee gives happiness, reduces stress, helps focus, keeps our mind open
and keeps us awake. Coffee is also a good fighter against depression indeed.

The disadvantages you may have with caffeine is the high blood pressure that can occur if coffe is taken at very high doses.

In the past, synthetic molecules such as Furfuril Mercaptan, Isovaleraldehyde, and Methyl Tetrahydro Furanone were used to
design coffee scent.

One of the projects we have been working on since May 2017 as Parkim Fragrance House R&D, Creations Center was to be able
to design a more natural coffee scent. Therefore, we have synthesized Coffee Absolue varieties in our laboratories.

While we were synthesizing our Coffee Absolue varieties, we used coffee beans from South America and North Africa. The coffee
beans from North Africa are roasted and finely ground and are the coffee beans used in the making of classic Turkish coffee,
which is less bodily than the seeds from the South American palate. The cores coming from South America are the cores which
are milled according to filter coffee and expresso cups and are harder and denser. The visual difference between the kernels is
that only the  seeds prepared for espresso look thinner than the filter coffee. The smell that spreads during the expression of the
espresso cabbage supports the taste notes. So that during the espresso drink both the smell and taste receptors are exposed to
the same strong stimuli.

Classical Turkish coffee is a kind of coffee that is roasted and then grinded in very thin form and it is the only coffee drink in the
world that is to be drinken with its grout. Turkish coffee taste is medium-bodied and smoother than espresso.

In alternative cosmetics, skin can be purified from the dead cells by making use of the peeling effect of Turkish coffee.

In our Coffee Absolue project we wanted to get an idea from a person who works on this issue, thinking that our sense of taste in
the process will affect our creation creativity positively. At the Nikriz Cafe in Bilişim Valley, where we are located in our R&D
Center, we received detailed information about the scent of coffee beans from different coffee beans with award winner Barista
Furkan Kerim, while we also analyzed the fragrances of coffee made by our perfumer Sonay Gürer. With Furkan and Sonay the
olfactive comments and are combined with the taste and a very nice coffee analysis came out. Sonay definet the scent of Filter
coffee as milky, mildly burnt and cocoa. Unlike filter coffee, espresso is defined more a bitter chocolate and having soft peach
fruity notes. Also, for Sonay, the Turkish coffee scent was more strong due to the grinding of coffee beans.

With these three coffee beans mentioned above, we have obtained three different Coffee Absolue, with different scent notes. The
GC-MS analyzes we conducted in our laboratory have supported these interpretations. When we compare the GC-MS analyzes
of solutions prepared with 50% benzoic benzoate of all Coffeee Absolue bases, we found Vanillin, Quinic Acid, Linalil Acetate,
and Kafuru in Filter Coffee Absolue, unlike Espresso Coffee Absolue. We understand from the Furaneol and Strawberry Furanone
molecules that the Turkish Coffee Absolue contains more fruity notes.

As you can see, the flavor and the scent of coffee is an ultimate pleasure in our daily life, while its scent need to be explored more
by taste and smell experts…



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