First Digital European Chemistry Partnering: 3rd ECP Summer Summit on September 17 – 18, 2020

08 Eylül 2020

The 3rd ECP Summer Summit will take place for the first time as an online event on September 17 and 18. With his keynote speech, Dr. Daniel Teichmann, founder and CEO of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies will open the industry’s two-day online speed dating event.

  • 103 start-ups from 23 countries are already using the first online speed dating event in the chemical industry
  • More than 350 participants have already registered, and more than 300 online partnering conversations have been arranged – in 20-minute slots across all time zones
  • 43 nations from all continents represented: Participants from Japan, Canada, USA and Chile, from Africa Morocco and South Africa will join the event

With his company Hydrogenious, Teichmann has developed a technology to bind hydrogen in a liquid so that it can be transported safely over long distances. In 2014, his company won the Science4Life Venture Cup. In 2018, Teichmann and his two doctoral supervisors, Prof. Peter Wasserscheidt and Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, were nominated for the German Future Prize 2018 for the development of this key technology.

The panel discussion “Sustainability: How does our financial ecosystem influence innovations in the chemical industry?” will address the need for innovation with regard to global challenges such as population growth, climate change and the coronavirus. Among others, Florian Theyermann, Director of FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH, and Kristina Jeromin, Head of Group Sustainability of Deutsche Börse Group and Deputy Chair of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Finance of the German Government will discuss the topic.

Furthermore, ORONTEC GmbH & Co. KG will present the issue “Sustainability in the coating industry” with the support of several partner companies. A workshop will be organized in a World Café format: 4 moderated groups will be formed for 4 main topics, between which the participants can switch back and forth.

Dr. Holger Bengs, CEO of BCNP Consultants GmbH and initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering: “For two years we have been working on a digital version of ECP to bring together creative people worldwide. During the lockdown, we immediately started to implement this idea. This ECP is more international than ever. The formats are the same, only digital. And networking with ‘the guy with the orange tie’ and meetings at the virtual coffee machine are also possible. We are very excited about the growing chemical community.”

European Chemistry Partnering: A brief overview

The European Chemistry Partnering is an event format in which the focus is on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is aimed at decision makers, innovation managers and investors in the chemical industry and its user industries, as well as industry-focused stakeholders and qualified service providers and consultants. The ECP consists of the elements: Keynote Speech, Partnering, Pitches, Exhibition, Workshops and Final Panel. Companies can describe their innovations in short presentations (Pitches) and arrange appointments via a software tool in advance (Partnering).

The ECP always begins at the Get-Together on the evening before and it ends with a joint breakfast on the next day. Satellite events organized with partners emphasize its importance as both marketplace and meeting point for decision makers. The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr Holger Bengs, CEO of BCNP Consultants GmbH. The first event took place in 2017 and has been now organized twice a year since 2018. Since September 2020, the ECP is also available in a digital version.