Free Man “Kazakhstan”

26 Şubat 2020

Kazakhstan with a deep-rooted history took it is place in maps in 1991. Considering the word Kazak, which has it is origins in Turkish, means Free Man we can conclude that the Kazakhs are a nation that is keen on it is independence.

Kazakhstan Republic is at Central Asia and is neighbors with Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. This country with the ninth largest area in the world also borders the Caspian Sea and Lake Aral.

Source of Export: Rich Underground Resources

Kazakhstan lands are suitable for agriculture. However if you ask what lies at the heart of economics, how does this country develop, the answer would be “rich underground resources”. Especially oil, uranium, gold, and iron reserves are substantial. When we think 26% of all chromium in the world together with 20% of gold and 17% of uranium are in these lands, we can easily conclude that our answer is pertinent.

While there are rich coalfields in Karaganda Region, there are also oil fields in Ural-Emba Basin. In addition these lands are excavated for copper, lead (Altay, Kara-Tav, Ala-Tav, and Tekeli), zinc (Alma-Ata), iron (Karkaraly, Balhac, Cez-Kazgon, Ata-Su), manganese, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, and antimony.

Because more mineral and raw materials are produced in the country than needed, 90% of metallic bismuth, sponge titanium, copper clay and refined copper, manganese and concentrates; 80% of oil, metallic lead, and zinc together with more than 50% of natural gas, coal, iron ore, and chromium produced in the country are exported. When we look at the discovered material wealth under Kazakhstan lands, this amount reaches more than 2 trillion U.S. Dollars in value.

How are Our Commercial Relations with Kazakhstan?

When Kazakhstan declared it is independence on December 16th, 1991 Turkish Republic became one of the first two countries to recognize it is independence. In 1992 our diplomatic relations started to demonstrate itself on the stage of history. As a result, economic relations began between Turkey and Kazakhstan. Following Kazakhstan’s declaration of independence, infrastructure of economic and commercial relations between the two countries started to form and around 100 protocols, cooperation agreements and accords were signed between the two countries.



When we consider the current state of affairs in light of these information, we can see that products exported from Turkey to Kazakhstan are leaded by jewelry, weaved carpets, wires, cables, electric conductors and iron and steel screws, bolts, nuts, earth scrapers, destoners, and mineral ore scraper machinery.

Among Turkish imports from Kazakhstan there are refined copper and copper alloys, petroleum gases, raw lead, gold, copper alloys, and chromium oxides.

When we examine products with export potential, we can see construction materials, cables and wires, electric machinery, food processing and packaging machinery, medical equipment and medicines, packaging material and hygienic paper products.


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