Humidity Adsorber of Molecular Sieve Powder in Polyurethane System

20 Şubat 2020

Purmol® is a synthetic zeolite which is called molecular sieve and supplied in powder or paste form.

It provides the optimum solution for the removal of water traces.

Purmol® is mainly used in 2-component polyurethane systems which are used for the production of sealants, casting resins, coatings and adhesives etc.

Polyurethane is created by the reaction of isocyanate with a polyol. This is an addition reaction, in which no sideproducts are formed.

The presence of water leads to the dimerisation of isocynates releasing carbon dioxides gas.

The release of carbon dioxide gas is intentional in the production of PU foams, but is undesirable in most other PU applications. This is due to the formation of the gas bubbles that accompanies this.

If water traces are introduced through the residual moisture present in the fillers and pigments in the formulation, then it is recommended to work the Purmol® into the polyol component before the addition of the isocyanate. We recommend to add 2.5% to 5% Purmol to the polyol component. The viscosity of the formulation would otherwise increase drastically; premature hardening could take place or uncontrollable foaming could occur. Addition of the isocynate should be hold for a period to two hours, in order to ensure a complete adsorption of the water.

In addition Purmol® can remove water traces on the surface of the substrate that is to be coated and can thereby guarantee the formation of a homogenous

Purmol® Types
Purmol 3ST
Purmol 4ST

Purmol® Moisture Adsoption Advanges
High moisture adsorption capacity
Low pH value

Purmol® Applications

Polyurethane Floor Covering,
Polyurethane Adhesives,
Polyurethane Paint and Lacquer,
Polyurethane Moulding,
Polyurethane Elastomer,
Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants Poliüretan,
Polyurethane Pipelines Coating,
Furniture Mold Casting,
Polyurethane Casting Compounds,
Two-Component Polyurethane Yacht Varnish,
Two-Component Polyurethane Yacht Enamel,
Two-Component Semi-Flat Polyurethane Yacht Basecoat,
Two-Component, High Gloss Polyurethane Yacht Topcoat,
Two-component Polyurethane Yacht Enamel.

Metal Dust Paints
Cosmetic (Self heating Face Masks),
Insulation Glass Industry,
Insulation Glass Spacer (TPS).

If pipe systems have to be protected against corrosive chemicals or have to protected against corrosive chemicals or have to be particularly resistant to abrasion, a polyurethane coating is the ideal solution in many cases. The service life of the pipe system is of major importance. In order to ensure an optimal and long term polymer quality, Purmol® should be added to the formulation.

High Quality Pipe Coatings High voltage insulators are products in which the homogeneity of the insulating body is extremely important. Irregularities in the casting compounds can quickly lead to expensive shortcircuit. The high quality requirements of this application are reliably fulfilled through the use of Purmol®.

Casting Compounds for High Voltage Electrical Insulators
Moulded articles, for example the soles of sports shoes, must have a clear, perfect and smooth product finish together with good stability under stresses that are often considerable. Both requirements can be fulfilled through the use of polyurethanes in suitable formulations Purmol ® .

Moulded Articles
Resistant floor coverings are characterized by a combination of high stability, smooth and even surfaces and high resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane coatings are frequently used in such cases. The polymer is usually applied as aliquid layer, which then reacts to form a level and resistant floor coating. Purmol® prevents irregularities here in the coating in the form of gas bubbles as a result of the ever-present water traces.


Floor Covering

The insulation glass industry is a major customer for granulated molecular sieve. The molecular sieve beads are traditionally filled into the hollow aluminum sections, which are the bent to shape between the glass panes, and serve as a spacer for insulation. In more recent insulating glass systems, a polymer foam is used as the spacer in place of the heat-conducting aluminum. It contains Purmol® for the adsorption of the air humidity to which the insulating glass is exposed during its manufacture. Purmol® also adsorbs the moisture that diffuses between the panes during the lifetime of the glazing system.









Yasin Karamehmetoğlu
Sales Manager
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