Reliable Rheology Solutions

30 Mart 2020

Nouryon has been serving the paint Industry around the world for more than 50 years with our brand Bermocoll®, a range of non-ionic cellulose ethers. Bermocoll is used as a rheology modifier, stabilizer and water-retaining agent for waterbased decorative paints.

Bermocoll® cellulose ethers are manufactured by a unique, solvent-free process, ensuring our customers a low carbon footprint. They are available in all required viscosities and a range of modifications to ensure that we meet every customer’s needs.

Rheology of Coatings

Rheology is the science of deformation and flow of materials. Every material is influenced by external forces. For paint, these forces can range from gravitational forces, which influence phenomena such as sedimentation, leveling and sagging, to the very high shear forces that act on the paint when it is brushed, rolled or sprayed. Viscosity is a measure of a material’s resistance to flow.

Bermocoll® Prime– High Performance Grades

High application viscosity is essential for good film build and hiding power. That’s why Bermo coll Prime contributes to medium and high shear viscosity to a much greater extent than regular cellulose ethers.

Bermocoll Prime was developed as the next generation of cellulose ethers. It can be used in all types of latex paints ranging from low to high PVC. This new product is suitable for all types of interior and exterior paints and the advantages are most apparent in flat to semigloss finishes.

Superior Color Stability and Excellent Color Development

Excellent color stability is achieved with Bermocoll Prime within a wide range of colorants and latex binders. Bermocoll Prime is designed with particular attention to color acceptance and color development and offers reliable color performance. This means that the color appears in a uniform homogenous manner and at the expected color strength independent of the method of application/ shear force used during application (see Figure 1). Color acceptance is related to the compatibility, distribution and stability of the colorant in the base paint.

Figure 1. Examples of good and poor color acceptance. The color acceptance is quantified as dE(00), which is the difference
in color between the rub-out and the draw down.

Bermocoll Prime was tested in systems known to be sensitive with respect to color acceptance. It delivered very good results, which means low values of dE (00). The tinters used were of different color shades that are known to be problematic. A range of different dispersants were tested (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Flat paint formulation tinted with violet colorant. Bermocoll® Prime was tested in systems known to be sensitive
with respect to color acceptance. A range of different dispersants were used

Optimal Rheology Profile

Bermocoll Prime is less shear thinning than Bermocoll ® Standard. With a comparable viscosity in paint, Bermocoll Prime has lower Brookfield viscosity in water solution (see Figure 3). It also gives a slightly increased application viscosity, which results in better application properties—such as improved hiding power.

Figure 3. Rheology profile of Bermocoll® Prime vs standard Bermocoll®. Bermocoll® Prime is less shear thinning, which means that even though the Brookfield viscosity is lower in the standard product, the viscosity in paint will be similar. It can also be seen from the graph that the application viscosity is slightly higher.

Efficient Thickening and Good Stability at Low Addition Rate

Paints formulated with Bermocoll Prime show very stable and constant viscosity even when stored at elevated temperatures and are very versatile with respect to compatibility with different kinds of binders.


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