SAPI Group Decided to Invest in Turkey

21 Temmuz 2020

Sapi Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Marcel Fertl and Sapi Turkey Founding Partner and General Manager Çiğdem Arslan made a statement announcing the German Sapi Group celebrating its 50th year in surface finishing technologies market decided to invest in Turkey.

SAPI Group

Established in 1970 by Klaus Fertl, Sapi Gmbh has been providing professional services in the global market on sandblasting for 50 years. With correct and high-quality services directed towards needs in the market, the company became market leader in a short time. Increasing demand lead the company to establish companies in 6 other countries next to Germany and grow its distribution network.

In 2020 the Sapı Group decided to open a factory in Turkey and expand its sales network. With this decision the company not only expanded its global distribution network, but also made its 3rd factory investment.

Today Sapi Group is based in Germany with investments in 7 countries. In addition to its companies, the group has distributorships and technical service points at many regions of the world.

Answering questions about their investment plan, Sapi Group Chairman of Board of Directors Marcel Fertl said their state-of-the-art sandblasting and paint systems that they have been producing for 50 years without any concessions on quality will be more accessible for Turkey and the Middle Eastern market and emphasized that Turkey is a significant logistical location. Fertl said that they plan to start at a 3.000 square meter. indoor space this year and added that in one year at least 100-person production team would work at the factory in Turkey. Fertl also noted that Sapi Group is very excited to have established cooperation with Arslan who has undersigned many successful projects in surface technologies market for several years.