Silentstik: SMP Based Acoustic Parquet Adhesive

15 Ocak 2019


Suna Ayvazoğlu
Pazarlama Müdürü 




Product Description
Silentstik is a 1-Component hybrid polymerbased parquet adhesive suitable for securing all types of wooden floors (with tongue and groove) on absorbent and impervious cement screeds, slabs, anhydrite screeds, existing timbers, ceramics, heating subfloors. The unic concept mixing elastic bonding properties, rubber balls and spaces between bead lines conduct to obtain an acoustic insulation to impact of 19dB.

Places of Use
• Concrete, sand / cement screeds, anhydrite screeds,
• On smoothed subfloors,
• On substrates consisting of plywood and wood materials applied to the floor.

Key Benefits
• No waiting time required.
• Water-free, thus no damaging swelling effect on wood.
• Solvent- and isocyanate free.
• Environment-friendly: this product is classified A+.
• Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling systems.
• Permanently elastic at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C.
• Has high adhesion power.
• Adhesive residues on parquet flooring can be easily removed.
• Restores its initial elasticity after compression or elongation.
• Non-corrosive on metal decking.
• Acoustic results report from FCBA (Official French Technologic Institute) 07/CTBA-IBC/PHY/149/1/D. Impact acoustic insulation delta Lw= 19 dB,
• Adhesive thermal resistance: 0.08 m² °K/W.

• Store parquet in dry place.
• Do not install parquet flooring if the relative humidity is over 65%.
• Underfloor heating systems must comply with current regulations.
• Turn off the heating 48 hours prior to installation. Wait for at least 1 week after laying the floor covering before gradually turning up the heating.
• SMP-based adhesive is very sticky, we recommend that you wear gloves before use.
• Suitable Wood Parquet Dimensions:
– Solid Wood Flooring: Minimum 90 mm. – up to 120 mm. for widths and all thicknesses.
– Processed / Multi-Layer Floors: 90 mm. and for all widths and all thicknesses.

Pre-Application Preparation
• The application surface should be sound, flat, smooth, dry and free from previous adhesive residues, mold oil, dust, oil or other contaminants.
• When coating over existing flooring, check that the flooring is firmly fixed and clean.
• Dirt, lacquer, oil and similar contaminants must be removed.
• When a more detailed subfloor preparation is required, the very absorbent surfaces with suitable Bostik primers should be primed to reduce consumption and to obtain a homogeneous stable absorbent substrate.
• Ensure adequate moisture on the application surface, otherwise primer with Eponal 336 Moisture Vapor Barrier coating.
• Before applying the adhesive, make sure that the primers and the substrate are dry.

• Pour Silentstik along the wall line.
• With the help of the Silentstik spatula (20 – 30 degrees incline), pull on the surface in the form of a straight line.
• Adhesive release should be made perpendicular to the continuation lines of the plates.
• In the continuation application of the adhesive, the continuity of the beads of the previous application should be maintained.
• Apply wooden pressure and apply 40 minutes of pressure throughout the application.
• Food traffic is suitable after 24 hours. Pressure reducing plates may be used to allow exiting the room before this time.
• Close all containers tightly after use.

Cleaning After Application
Tools and spills should be cleaned with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone, preferably when the adhesive is still wet.

It is applied with Silentstik spatula. 1.60 – 2.00 kg / m² depending on the smoothness and absorbency of the surface. Consumption amounts are theoretical values andwe recommend to apply consumption control sample before application.

15 kg plastic bucket. (3 bags x 5kg.)

• Original packaging should be protected against water, frost and severe weather conditions.
• Damaged or opened packages should be closed immediately and consumed in the first place.
• Stack up to 3 buckets max.
• Storage time is max. 18 months if stored in original packaging in a cool, dry and moisture-free environment between + 10°C and + 30°C on wooden pallets.

Security Precautions
In accordance with the general construction rules and safety precautions, the Risk (H) and Precaution (P) rules defined in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be observed during application.