Small Changes You Can Make in Your Kitchen


For those who want to adapt their kitchen to the trends of 2018-2019, Architect Figen Erdağ Demircan, a f2ms group architect
from Bursa, made suggestions. “Color contrasts, metallic and industrial appearance, concrete are among the trends of this year.
The bold colors of kitchen doors in 2017 are also seen this year” says Architect Figen Erdağ Demircan and shares 10 ideas for
those who want to refresh their kitchens:

In 2018, kitchens are looks like more of a living room; combinations of wood and gray tones and mink colors, books, plants,
picture frames, seating areas, island surroundings and fixed sessions on open shelves. Feel free to use dark colors, you can
work in any light with different and powerful bench lighting. The color alternatives in the foreground; from bronze, dark blue,
anthracite, cream colors can choose the one that suits your style. Bronze and copper will often be seen this year. You can
change your luminaires, cover handles in these tones, even to those with an antique look. Combining the colors of nature with
the gold color is on the rise this year. If you like this color in your kitchen at least you can choose your lighting in this tone.
Kitchen islands are now indispensable. Moreover, if your kitchen is large you can now have two areas, one for work space and
one for banquet seating. Open shelves are on the rise. You can use plenty of open shelf system to showcase your accessories,
plant it, create a more airy, open kitchen feel. If your space is available, you can choose a closet system that is lying on the floor
instead of vertical cabinets.


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