Structures Gain High Resistance Against Dirt and Water with Teknotex



With its exterior paint, DYO provides high protection to buildings. Buildings on which self-cleaning with rainwater featured
Teknotex applied, attains high rate of dirt and water replenishment thanks to the “lotus effect”.

Inspired by Lotus Flower
The buildings are not holding any dirt, thanks to lotus effect inspired by the lotus flower which is self-cleaning in nature.
Teknotex, which can be easily used on concrete, gross concrete, precast concrete panel, gas concrete, briquette, brick, plaster
and similar mineral surfaces, stands out in the industry with its excellent coverage.

Resistant to Sun Rays and Moisture of the Sea
This moisture and water-resistant, high water vapor permeability DYO exterior wall paint product has superior properties of alkali
and chemical resistance. Acrylic emulsion based, PTFE containing Teknotex is water- based and has matte appearance. At the
same time, this product is durable against sunlight and negative effects of moisture, which makes it ideal for coastal structures.



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