With Do it Yourself Products, Applications Are Now Very Easy

Ekim 04, 2018, 2:12 pm
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Çağlayan Gün

General Manager
Cores Kimya



Cores Kimya realizes the production of Do It Yourself (DIY) products on domestic and international markets. Whereas the do it
yourself industry has got a good market share already for many years in the US and many European countries, its volume in our
country has been increasing recently.

Our products, which are of professionnal standards are produced on the basis of simplifying the use of professional quality
products to the home user, find their place in the market. The aim here is to make the products used by professionals usable by
semi-professionals and amateurs. It is designed for the most basic implementer in terms of content, packaging and ease of

Our company’s products are produced in accordance to world standards, specifically with water based resins and technology. In
this respect, it is aimed to keep odor and similar discomfort very low in the indoor environment especially in home use. It is
equally important that the hands and/or equipment can be cleaned easily with water after use.




Our DIY sector products are Joint Filler, Ready Repair Filler, Montage Adhesive, Water Repellent, Wood Filler, Wall Putty and
special productions according to companies’ requirements.


CRS-500 Mounting Adhesive Offers Advantage
CRS-500 Montage adhesive is a water based multipurpose adhesive designed for do it yourself sector, also suitable for
professional use. The most important feature of CRS-500 is a ready to use product for semi-professional and domestic use
according to the equivalent powder group adhesives on the market. It has many other advantages such as being ready for use
with tiles, ceramics, styrofoam wall coverings and plasterboard. There is also no extra additives required and no expiration. On
the other hand, the instant hold feature is its most important feature.

Bonding of tiles on tiles can be started easily anytime anywhere, without requiring any intermediate layer or a special application.
Glass mosaic applications for kitchen walls or decorations can easily be done by non professional users.

Household decorating materials, such as marble or woodlook styrofoam coatings, can be easily bonded with CRS- 500. Cultural
stone applications such as bricks, bonding of stone decorations can be done without the need for professional staff and

Product Description
CRS-500 is a blend of modified polymers based on waterbased adhesives.

Usage Areas
Strofor etc. heat insulation plates, wood panels, doorwindow edge ribs, baseboards, lambris, acoustic sheets, ceramics, tiles,
drywall, PVC / wooden cornice etc. It is used in bonding, assembling and repairing of various materials. Concrete, wood, metal,
EPS, XPS, polyurethane foam, glass, stone, leather, sponge etc. adheres to many materials.

• Used indoors and outdoors,
• Without solvent,
• It has high initial bonding strength,
• It attaches instantly, does not slip,
• It is resistant to aging and weather conditions,
• Provides both point and strip application,
• Can be painted over,
• Odorless,
• The first 15 minutes can be corrected.

In order to carry out the application, the ambient temperature should be above 5°C and the application surface should be clean
and free of dust. It is applied to the material to be bonded or to the subfloor by point or strip. It should then be pressed
thoroughly and supported if necessary. It is recommended as a precaution to ensure that heavy and stressed parts are secured
for 24 hours. The applied parts should not come into contact with water until 24 hours after the application. It is sufficient that a
surface of the materials to be bonded is in the absorbent structure.

The CRS-500 has very high initial adhesion / immediate adhesion. As it is water based, full drying occurs after evaporation of
water in its structure. Depending on the ambient temperature, this period is between 12-24 hours. By increasing the ambient
temperature, the complete drying time can be shortened.

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