BU Endüstriyel Kimya Tekstil Otomotiv San.

26 Mart 2019

The polyurethane market’s establishment in our country, in line with its development and needs, our company has been founded in 2006 with the production of auxiliary  roducts and additives for polyurethane and plastics.

Then, with the demands of the developing sectors and expanding markets, as of 2019 mainly we have started to produce polyurethane systems and their derivates.

We produce our goods completely domestic and formulated by own Know-How for the automotive industry, INTEGRAL, FLEXIBLE and RIGID POLYURETHANE SYSTEMHOUSE.

Polyurethane systems, which are used in the automotive industry and especially in vehicle interior accessories, are presented to the domestic market as of 2019 and with the great support of our customers, we have given support and encouragement to us to open to international markets as soon as possible.

THE NEW BUPOL® brand flexible polyurethane system. BUCOLL® brand polyurethane colorant masterbatches.

BUSIL® brand water and solvent based release agents and silicones for polyurethane systems.

BUSOL® and BUTIN® brands cleaning fluids.

Commercially; Solvents such as Methylene Chloride and DMF and Etc…

BU Endüstriyel Kimya Bayraktar Yılmaz

Bayraktar Yılmaz

Founder- General Coordinator
BU Endüstriyel Kimya Tekstil Otomotiv San. Tic. A.Ş.