“Chemicals” Became the Second Largest Exporter Sector in 2019

24 Eylül 2019

According to data from Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (IKMIB), exports of chemicals sector increased by 18.77 percent in August compared to August 2018 and reached 1.63 billion U.S. Dollars in value. 8 months of chemicals export increased by 18.83 percent and reached 13.4 billion U.S. Dollars.

Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (IKMIB) Chairman of Board Adil Pelister who participated in “Press Statement on August 2019 Export Numbers” organized in Sivas at the 100th anniversary of Sivas Congress expressed his opinion as follows:

“We are continuing our journey as the second largest exporter sector in 2019. Our chemicals export reached 1.63 billion U.S. Dollars in August with 18.77 percent increase. 8 months of export by our sector increased by 18.83 percent and reached 13.4 billion U.S. Dollars. Our Minister of Commerce, Ruhsar Pekcan declared the Exports Masterplan.

This significant masterplan guides exporters and notes us as one of the 5 priority sectors. Our strategically important chemicals sector plays a major role in Turkey’s growth by significantly contributing as being the second largest exporter sector.

We need to attract direct investments to our country specifically towards our sector in order to decrease dependence on imports for raw materials in chemicals sector. We need to establish specialized free zones. This new wave must be focused on digital change and technologically advanced in its design.

Efficiency, innovation, and high-tech come forward in the new masterplan. As sector representatives, we also support digital change. In line with the export target set for our country in 2019 as 200 billion U.S. Dollars, we in IKMIB continue our efforts to increase export of chemicals sector by 15 percent to reach 20 billion U.S. Dollars.”

Holland became the main recipient of exports in August. Chemicals export to Holland in August of 2019 was worth 166 million 149 thousand U.S. Dollars.

In August Holland was exported mainly “mineral fuels, mineral oils and products,” “plastics and plastic products,” “inorganic chemicals,” “volatile oils, cosmetics and soap,” “various chemical products,” “rubber, rubber products,” and “organic chemicals”.

Eight months of chemicals export to Holland this year reached 740 million 600 thousand U.S. Dollars. In January-August 2019, the top ten countries that became the leading recipients of Turkish chemicals exports were Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Iraq, Egypt, Malta, the U.S., Greece, and England.