Çarşamba, Temmuz 6, 2022

Elips Design Architecture Signed “B_House”, Awarded by European Property Awards

Elips Design Architecture

B_House, which is designed by Elips Design Architecture , was deemed worthy of an award in the “European Property Awards 2019 Architecture Single Residence” category, in the International Property Awards where many architectural and interior design projects competed in the international arena.

Under the leadership of Master Architect Feza Ökten Koca, Elips Design Architecture, which accomplished national and international awardwinning architectural and interior design projects and furniture design projects, won this award with its B_ House project in Konya, which was completed in 2018.

In the design of B_House, it is aimed to combine modern and traditional elements with the aim of adding meaning and comfort to the lives of the landlords by combining Konya and Mevlana.

It was inspired by Mevlana’s;

“Come, no matter what and who you are” and “There can be a similarity in every different way of thinking” mottos. The identity of Konya, which sees life and the universe in a continuous development, change and innovation, supports this idea.

Today’s modernism in the historical city of Konya is manifested by the simplicity of B_House’s architectural design; whereas more traditional lines were chosen in furniture selection. In addition to the design, technology is also present in B_House, and the operation of all electrical and mechanical systems in the project is ensured under the control of smart home systems.

While high thermal insulation materials are preferred in facades and windows, LED system is used in all lighting; Thus, energy consumption is targeted to be low. In fine works, the use of marble, laminated parquet, wood, wallpaper and paint comes to the fore.

Nature, which is one of the most important inspirations of B_ House design, is invited into the house with the axes and transparencies created in the structure; the light tones used in the space are an important starting point for the user to achieve inner peace.