Hempel Launches Reformulated Antifouling Technology

03 Mayıs 2021

Hempel’s Olympic+ and Oceanic+ antifouling coatings have been protecting vessels since 2009 and 2012, respectively, and the launch of the new, reformulated products provides even better performance through improved leached layer control and increased mechanical strength. Higher volume solids, higher dry film thickness per coat, and lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) minimize application costs, time, and emissions. These new antifouling technologies are tailored to various trading trends, ensuring the best possible fouling protection in any trading conditions.

Olympic Protect, Olympic Protect+ (for medium to high activity levels) and Olympic Flex+ (for low activity levels) are based on ion-exchange technology and give protection for up to 25 idle days and up to 60-months service interval.

Oceanic Protect+ (for medium to high activity levels) and Oceanic Flex+ (for low activity levels) are based on zinc carboxylate technology and protect for up to 30 idle days and 60-months service interval. These coatings also deliver a maximum of 5.5 per cent speed loss*.

Commenting on the new products, Marianna Sioni, Marine Group Product Manager, Antifouling coatings, said:

“Hempel’s antifouling product range caters for every vessel and every owner and we are proud that our Oceanic+ and Olympic+ range has been able to deliver through the years reliable fouling control at such an effective cost. Building on this success, we have invested in re-formulating these products to enhance their performance so that we can continue to offer proven solutions for a low upfront investment, supported by Hempel’s world-class global service. In short, this is proven antifouling performance reinvented”.

All five reformulated products take advantage of Hempel’s reinvented Smartfibre technology which delivers a stronger and smoother hull. Each coating now contains a 20 per cent higher fibre content which significantly improves its mechanical strength and allows the increase of the hydrophobic characteristics of the products – leading to reduced leached layer thickness. As water flows over the coating, enhanced fibres, which fit parallel to the surface, ensure a smooth and uniform removal of the leached layer which facilitates a well-controlled polishing rate and biocide release. This enables the coating to achieve a smoother and fouling-free hull throughout the service period.


*Speed loss: If a vessel’s main engine is set at a certain power output, it will propel the ship through the water at a certain speed. Over time, fouling accumulation will increase drag and cause the speed of the ship to reduce even if the main engine power output remains constant. This reduction in speed is termed “speed loss”.


Olympic+ and Oceanic+ at a glance:


Dedicated versions for each trading pattern.

Idle period up to 25 days (Olympic+) and up to 30 days (Oceanic+).

Up to 60 months service intervals.

Maximum 5.5 per cent speed loss (Oceanic+).

Proven track record since 2009 (Olympic+) and 2012 (Oceanic+).

Reliable biocide package.

Incorporating Smartfibre technology for reduced leached layer, controlled polishing and exceptional mechanical strength.

Excellent colour retention.

Reduced film thicknesses and high-volume solids reduce paint consumption.

High maximum DFT per coat means fewer coats required.

Reduced VOC emissions.