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Huntsman’s new CASTECH™ Dosing System

Huntsman’s new CASTECH™ Dosing System

Huntsman’s new CASTECH™ dosing system adds recyclates into mix to create sustainable hot cast elastomers

Huntsman has created a novel piece of equipment that, when combined with its CASTECHTM machines, can add up to 25% recycled content (by weight) to hot cast polyurethane elastomer systems.

CASTECH™ Dozajlama Sistemi

Huntsman’s new filler dosing system can be bolted on to existing CASTECHTM machines, allowing different percentages of recycled content to be added to its TECNOTHANE® engineering elastomer systems, in line with its customers’ sustainability goals.

Customers can use the new equipment to add fillers made from a variety of materials, including recycled rubber, solid PU and TPU, and fibers. Recyclates can also differ in density and size depending on the application.

Huntsman’s CASTECHTM machines are popular among industrial component manufacturers. The machines, which are versatile and low-maintenance, are used to efficiently cast compact polyurethane elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams from various isocyanate and chain extender combinations.

As a result, durable components optimized for use in harsh industrial and logistics applications such as mining equipment wheels, castors, and rollers, warehouse vehicles, and even rollercoaster rides at amusement parks are produced.

To maintain overall part integrity, Huntsman’s new CASTECH™ filler dosing system has been engineered to minimize the risk of air bubbles forming as recycled fillers are added. Incorporating recovered fillers into engineering elastomer systems can lead to entrapped air, which can have a detrimental effect on component quality.

Using Huntsman’s new equipment innovation, manufacturers can confidently meter a mixture of recyclates into any of the three components that are combined to make Huntsman’s TECNOTHANE® hot cast elastomers.

Once mixed with the system, the recycled content flows freely into the mold along with the rest of the system and bonds well with the matrix.

Explaining more, Andrea Ghermandi, Business Development Manager EAME, said: “Offering the highest levels of accuracy and flexibility, our CASTECH™ machines are among the most advanced equipment options available for the efficient manufacture of elastomers.

Featuring a range of interchangeable parts, these machines are fully flexible and can be tailor-made to suit customers’ requirements. Now, with the launch of our filler dosing system, component manufacturers have even more choice at their fingertips.

With sustainability top of the agenda for many of our customers, they now have the freedom to incorporate recycled content into their parts – with zero compromise on component quality, durability, or performance.”

Huntsman is the only hot cast elastomer manufacturer that provides a complete system solution to industrial component manufacturers. Users of hot cast elastomer systems can gain access to a diverse portfolio of polyols, fully formulated systems, and casting machines by partnering with Huntsman.


The new dosing add-on is compatible with CASTECH™ machines produced after 2018.


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