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IDM II – In line Decoration Module

IDM II – In line Decoration Module

Tapematic Spa presents a revolutionary new system for decorating and decorating surfaces.

The Tapematic team has remained focused and highly dedicated to finding creative solutions that satisfy a highly demanding market that requires greater agility and dynamism throughout this last hard period, with numerous changes and limits in the daily lives of many people around the world.

IDM II - In line Decoration Module
IDM II – In line Decoration Module


The all-new IDM II – In-line Decoration Module is born from this. It’s a fully automated in-line solution for the substrate decoration process. Its design enables complicated decoration in a single continuous process by linking and synchronizing side and top hot-stamping stations, as well as a Laser engraving to generate images and or variable data, making each item unique and distinguishable.

 Decoration Module

The Tapematic IDM II has been intended to work with a modular line, such as the Tapematic PST Line II, to combine metallization, 360° side decoration, top decoration, serialization, and coating in a completely automated in-line solution.

The advantages of the automated IDM II are evident: dramatic economic savings in staff and material cost. Increased capacity, faster changeovers, and a process free of operator variables and intervention. Introducing “next level” efficiency to varnishing and the decoration process.




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