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Interview with UnivarSolutions Beauty and Care Department Regional Manager Ms. Yasemin Engin

We conducted a pleasant interview with UnivarSolutions Beauty and Care Department Regional Manager Ms. Yasemin Engin on activities of the company in beauty and care areas. Engin, gave information on innovative technologies in these areas.

Yasemin Engin
Yasemin Engin

Could you tell our readers about yourself and your professional background?

I graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Chemistry. I have MSc degree in Analytical Chemistry. Meanwhile, I decided to establish and develop my career in sales. For 17 years, I have held sales positions at different companies in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Department, where I always feel delighted.

I am currently working as area business manager in the Beauty and Personal Care Department at UnivarSolutions.

Could you give some information about UnivarSolutions? In this context, what is the product portfolio and fields of activity of UnivarSolutions in the field of “Beauty and Care”?

UnivarSolutions is an industry focused distributor with a comprehensive beauty and personal care portfolio, international network of suppliers, and specialized Solution Centers providing a complete, global perspective on product, customer, and formulation trends.

UnivarSolutions has played a significant, successful role in this industry for decades, and has developed outstanding relationships across the value chain.

No matter where you are in the world, today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape requires being faster to market with innovative, market leading beauty and personal care products, which often requires a reliable and responsive partner who can quickly provide you with the support you need.

As a responsible solutions partner, our industry vertical global approach leads our commitment to helping them innovate and grow no matter where they do business.

Along with our premier product portfolio, a sales and technical team supported by best-in-class formulation laboratories, and marketing and distribution capabilities, we can readily help our customers and suppliers innovate and grow, while keeping our focus local with dedicated support in every region we serve.


Could you evaluate the reflections of Covid-19 on the beauty and care industry? What precautions and actions has your company taken in this process?

After one of the most challenging periods in modern history, consumers are excited for something new to come. In ‘lockdown periods,’ consumers have been unable to explore the world as they’re used to, now they are seeking experiences that offer a sensory escape from their everyday norm.

Within the beauty & personal care space, this is an opportunity to respond to consumers by engaging as many of the five senses as possible through new innovations. Univar Solutions has developed a new concept to get a new customer experience with new textures and visualise them with new engaging videos.


Could you tell us about the R&D and Innovation studies carried out in the Beauty and Personal Care Laboratory? How is the process going here?

UnivarSolutions is taking a stance and developed the Revival – The Power of Bold concept, to inspire our customers and help them navigate the beauty space.

Our innovative team at UnivarSolutions developed a bold new trend concept that includes six phenomenal formats with outstanding beauty and personal care textures.

After a challenging year, consumers are palpably excited for something new to come and UnivarSolutions wants to help ensure you are ready for it with the latest in materials innovation. Now is the time to experiment, explore and inspire novel experiences for today’s consumers leveraging a wealth of expertise, advanced technologies and ingredient innovations to revive the senses.

Be bold in your formulations, try new approaches, test new materials, aim for another level of creation with next-generation hybrid products that offer new claims and enhanced benefits. Consumers are open and eager to try new formats and textures.

Our Revival: The Power of Bold kit includes trend concepts with new textures for outstanding hair and skin care results. In hair care, it is all about letting our tresses live their best life and ensuring we have a strong foundation for growth and strength. Bold hair care also explores formats and added benefits for the scalp.

The hair care revival focuses on products that offer benefits across different hair types with formulations that are rich enough to provide the moisture and conditioning required for 4c textured hair right through to straight and fine hair.

There are many innovative technologies in the field of personal care and cosmetics. As UnivarSolutions, could you tell us about your products with innovative technology that you have recently introduced to the sector and these technologies?

We have developed unique formats to inspire, such as a thick cleansing paste that will allow all hair types to flourish. The innovative shampoo paste has an outstanding texture that gently cleanses your hair like a traditional shampoo. It is full of mild surfactants, as well as conditioning agents.

The texture comes from an emulsion. The water phase is stabilized with ACULYN U Rheology Modifier from Dow, an efficient cold processable sulfate-free thickener. The ingredient has multifunctional properties such as being able to thicken the aqueous system and emulsify the oils.

When adding Emultop Velvet IP from Cargill Beauty, a COSMOS approved phosphatidyl choline enriched lecithin, the texture and stability of the paste shampoo is strengthened, as this ingredient has emulsion stabilizing properties.

personal care

In the name of sustainability, what are the precautions you take while producing?

UnivarSolutions concepts include formulation process to save time and energy and include ingredients with enjoyable textures, which having low impact on the environment and are transparent. Sustainability targets are mandatory, which include attributes as biodegradable, zero waste or multifunctional. Products are important with a low environmental impact even with natural derived ingredients.

Could you tell us about the innovations that you will introduce to the market in the coming days? What advantages will these innovations bring to the industry and your customers?

In September we are launching our newest campaing on natural bio – derived conditioning ingredient solutions and formulations ideas to gain inspiration for more sustainable hair care developements. We are seeing a conscientious consumers desires more natural,simpler formulas containing ingredients and products that are eco-friendlier and more sustainable, with a lower environmental impact.


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