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Kahyaoğulları’s Licensed Recycling Activities

Kahyaoğulları’s Licensed Recycling Activities

The adventure of Kahyaoğulları with waste started in 1992, at that time the legislation was insufficient, there was not yet a common language and understanding of waste management.

Recyclable scraps of the industry were being traded and Kahyaoğulları started to do so. In 2005, Kahyaoğulları played a leading role in Turkey and obtained a license to recycle
contaminated industrial packaging, which is classified as hazardous waste. Kahyaoğulları is one of the leading companies in licensing recycling companies.

When Kahyaoğulları obtained a license and started to recover barrels, IBCs and drums at its facility in İDOSB, the industry was largely uncontrolled. In those times in Turkey, because of the nature of the cleaning process, where the residual wastes and washing water contaminated with dangerous substances were disposed, could not be followed.

Kahyaoğulları started out as a licensed recycling company with a productive experience. This pioneering step by Kahyaoğulları has shaped the market for the industrial packaging recovery business in the short term.

In terms of the methods and technology used, Kahyaoğulları became the expression of both firsts and uniqueness.

Kahyaoğulları recovers industrial packaging materials such as IBC, metal drums, plastic drums, plastic drums, which are coded as 150110 in the legislation, and prepares them for re-use with the expression entered into the legislation later.

In the course of the legislation, it was handled within the scope of the IBC “Tanker Cleaning Communiqué” over time. This job requires a very effective waste management awareness
and practice.


Kahyaoğulları carries out a full waste management activity for the aforementioned waste group. The Company takes the waste from the place where it is produced, brings it to the licensed facility with its licensed vehicles, sorts it here, passes it through processes defined according to the contamination content and type, and makes these industrial packages
reusable by eliminating form problems and cleaning the residues.

If there is damage that does not allow reuse, it makes the packaging material ready for material recovery. Metal or plastic is sold to be sent to licensed facilities for further recycling.

kahyaoğulları ürün gamı

Buyers of reused packaging materials are mostly from the chemical industry. All these processes create hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

These wastes are taken to the temporary storage area in our facility in accordance with the legislation, where they are sent to third-party licensed facilities where hazardous wastes are processed (material recovery, energy recovery, disposal) after being sorted.

Thus, the waste cycle is completed. In addition, wastewater is generated. After this wastewater is pre-treated in our facility, this water is sent to the İDOSB treatment plant. The emission sources generated at the facility are managed in accordance with the legislation and emission measurements are made at regular intervals.

We think that our existence is an important step in the circle of sustainable material and environmental management, we are aware of the responsibility it brings. We work hard, we will continue to work hard.


Osman Kahyaoğlu

General Manager
Kahyaoğulları Ambalaj ve Geri Dönüşüm



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