MG International Fragrance Company Joins the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID)

05 Şubat 2021

As a leading fragrance and raw material manufacturer since 1961, MG International Fragrance Company, has now become a member of the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) in Turkey. TEID has over 150 participating members, all of which are listed among Turkey’s most prominent institutions and organizations.

Founded in 2010 to infuse the principles and values of professional ethics into all administrative and commercial functions in companies, and turning these principles into the method of business, TEID consists of prominent institutions and organizations employing over 250,000 people and making up 15% of Turkey’s GNP.

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The new member of this prestigious association is MG International Fragrance Company, which is listed among Turkey’s first 750 industrial enterprises and the two-times winner of the “Above The Line Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award”, in the “Large Scale Enterprise Category” for Chemistry Sector, granted by Kocaeli Chamber Of Industry.

About the company’s TEID membership, Zeynep Derya Mazıcı, Complaince and Regulatory Manager at MG INTERNATIONAL said: ”As per the principles we have been upholding for 60 years on ethics, sustainability and diversity, we have joined the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) whose members are comprised of Turkey’s leading institutions and companies. At MG International Fragrance Company, we feel very proud to be a part of such a valuable organization. In line with our strategic goals, we have a responsibility to align our corporate vision with a structure that can be passed on to the next generations through our participation in TEID. On behalf of the MG International Fragrance Company, I would like to say that we are delighted to be a member of this prestigious society and to officially make it known that business ethics and values are included in our corporate policies.’’



MG International Fragrance Company is a manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, hygiene, household cleaning and paper products as well as a global supplier of fragrance composition and raw materials to 4000 customers based in more than 72 countries. MG International ranks among Turkey’s top 750 industrial companies.

MG International Fragrance Company commissioned its Gebze Production Facility in 2015. The facility is built on a 50,000 m2 area in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) and it became the first integrated fragrance production facility in the world that had the largest production volume under a single roof. The integrated facility, where nearly 300 people work, features a 28-km robotic system pipeline and serves with a capacity to simultaneously produce over 200,000 fragrance formulas and 280 different ingredients on its eight separate production lines using over 4500 raw materials.

MG International prioritizes environmentally friendly production, upholds a strict “employees and customers first” approach, and puts a premium on creating healthy and safe workspace conditions through the implementation of efficient, state-of-the-art technologies.


Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) was established in 2010 to raise awareness on topics including the effective management of ethics- and compliance-related risks, integrity, accountability, and transparency and to firmly incorporate business ethics into the corporate cultures of the companies operating in Turkey. Currently, TEID maintains its efforts with its more than 150 corporate members who have highly the leaders in their respective sectors and make up 15% of Turkey’s GNP and provide employment to over 250,000 people in total.

TEID acts with the awareness that defining a company’s success is not only based on its financial data but also the effectiveness of its globally responsible citizenship, sustainable production, and innovation policies, as well as the factors such as compliance with ethical standards and reputation. In this respect, TEID maintains a duty of ensuring coordination with the private sector to carry into effect the anti-corruption agreements by which the Republic of Turkey is also bound before the UN and OECD. Furthermore, TEID plays an active role in establishing the globally acknowledged ethical risk management principles in Turkey and, to this end, it acts as the Representative of TRACE International in Turkey, the Regional Representative of Global Ethics Network. TEID is also a member of the Basel Institute on Governance working group, OECD Working Group on Anti-Corruption and its Regional Advisory Committee.