Mr. Dr. Yalçın Yıldız, Founder Leader of Spray Polyurethane Polyure Association

01 Ekim 2018

We had a pleasant interview with Mr. Dr. Yalçın Yıldız, Founder Leader of Spray Polyurethane Polyure Association, about establishment and activities of association.

Could you please tell of our readers about yourself, your education and professional background?

I was born in Istanbul in 1974 and was originally from Trabzon. I completed my undergraduate and graduate education at Istanbul Technical University. I completed my Ph.D. in ITU Polymer Science and Technology (PST).

I have been working on Polymer Chemistry and Polyurethanes throughout my university life and I have published 5 international and 1 national studies and presentations in 5 different national and international symposiums.

I started my business life in 1993. During my doctoral studies, I first started professional business life in the plastics industry. I have been in the polyurethane sector for a while. I worked in 3 different companies which have a reputation in the sector and I took part in the establishment of polyurethane group in these companies.

I have been the manager of R&D, production, quality- control and sales-marketing units. In 2017 together with Mr. Nafiz Coşkun we have established Aktif Poliüretan Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi and we continue to serve the sector as a producer.

I’am married and have two children.

Could you give a brief information about establishment process of your association?

Since 2005 I have been operating in the polyurethane sector. Our sector is growing day by day and, naturally, with this growth, our sectoral problems also increase. We have been taking steps for the association related to our sector a few times before but unfortunately we have not been able to go further.

When we arrived in 2018, we decided that we should have an association on the increase of problems in the sector. With Mr. Mustafa Kavlak, we took the first steps of our association in social media and we came together with the old and leading companies of our industry and formed our Board of Directors.

Later, on April 7, 2018, we held a wide participation meeting with all application companies, raw material producers and machine producers in the sector and realized the first step of our association (SPPD).

Could you please give information about Spray Polyurethane Polyurea Association’s goals and targets?

As is known, we are serving the heat, water and sound insulation in the sector. The Polyurethane foams and Polyurea have much higher performance and longer life than the products used in this respect. However, unfortunately, our country does not see the deserved reputation.

As a result, we can say that price difference with alternative products, lack of publicity, misapplication and not using the right materials in the right areas.

Our aim as Association (SPPD) is to increase the awareness of polyurethane foam and Polyurea by official institutions (Toki, real estate sector, housing, public works, Etc.), private sector, municipalities and especially architects and engineers.

Today, in many projects, 30-40 years old technology and insulation applications are being done and problems arise in these projects. Therefore, insulation is required again. Nowadays, insulation applications are very important because energy is very valuable.

What is important here is to use the right insulation material and to make longer life insulations. Currently, in many municipalities in Turkey it is not considered as polyurethane foam insulation material and is approved in the project.

This is because the people concerned do not have enough knowledge about polyurethane foam and polyurea or they are directed to the wrong materials with commercial concern. As an association, solving this problem is one of our top priorities.

As an Association (SPPD), our applications provide training firm, to create applications certified companies, by organizing trainingseminars and sectoral polyurethane foam and polyurea ensure the well deserved come to the position that Turkey is among our highest priorities.

Our country has a great potential for polyurethane foam and polyurea in the today as well as in the future. But until now, it has reached its current level with individual efforts and institutions.

There are associations established for this purpose such as polyurethane foam and polyurea PDA and SPFA, and thanks to these associations, polyurethane foam and polyurea use are increasing day by day. It has become inevitable for us to establish this association (SPPD) for this shortcoming in our country.