Pazartesi, Ağustos 15, 2022

New Powder Coating Series from AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has launched Interpon W, a range of powder coating solutions that can transform how designers and manufacturers work with heat sensitive substrates (HSS) such as wood and plastic.

Interpon W powder coating range; In addition to physical attractiveness, it also benefits sustainability. Interpon W does not consist of a single product; Interpon W Core consists of a product line that includes Flex Pro, Morocco and Fast Pro. Interpon W powder coating range; It provides flawless, consistent and versatile protection even on the toughest surfaces.

The Interpon W range utilizes various innovations to achieve remarkable results. These include ultra-low bake technologies that deliver indoor and outdoor products with excellent chemical, scratch, liquid and heat resistance.

They also include a lower thermal curing process that offers even higher weatherability and gloss retention for the more challenging applications. These innovations are used for Interpon W Core and Interpon Flex Pro respectively.

The technology behind the Interpon W Fast and Interpon W Fast Pro powder coatings is similarly innovative and takes advantage of AkzoNobel’s leading capabilities in UV curing. UV curing systems combine lowest temperature curing range (80°C-120°C) with the shortest curing time (2-5 minutes) to deliver optimal efficiency.

Reduces Cost

Product range; It allows materials such as MDF/HDF, Plywood, OSB, Natural Wood, Drywall Fiber cement and plastic composites to benefit from a powder coating that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The material is also recyclable – up to 99%. And being a powder coating, all sides can be coated at once, ensuring consistent edge coverage and reduced re-working time. This process also reduces the cost per unit.

Daniela Vlad, general manager of Powder Coatings at AkzoNobel, made the statements. Vlad stated that as AkzoNobel, they attach importance to continuous innovation. “Through innovation and worldwide market development, we are creating solutions that are transforming the potential of low cure powder coatings, and taking sustainable solutions and business performance to new heights.” Vlad said.


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