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Nükleon Strong Will, New Goals…

Founded in 2008, Nükleon Laboratory Equipment is one of the fastest growing laboratory device manufacturers in Turkey today. In 2008, Nükleon started its activities in a small workshop. Today, the majority of its production is carried out in 2000 square meters closed area.

It consists of 2 companies and 3 brands, approximately 20 personnel. Since the day it was established, Nükleon has set the development of the devices it has produced as its main target.

Good Quality and Safe Result

Quality is one of the most important principles for Nükleon. This has been proven by ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 10002 certificates. By combining safety and quality with our work, we make unremitting efforts for the development of our products.

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we develop ourselves by constantly investing in our working and machinery park.

The devices we produce today are carried out in our facility without leaving our production line. First class parts and high quality raw materials is our choice of production. Our products are at the level you will be proud of our country. Our team of experts and our own staff in the field is our warrant.

Investment and Growth

Our experienced engineers and technical personnel work continuously with the important investments made in R&D fields to provide more qualified products to our customers.

Wide Product Range and Uses

Products of our own production; Fume Hood, Muffle Furnace, Drying Oven, Oven, Plant Growth Cabinets, Laminar Flow, Incubator, Chemical Storage Cabinet, Ultrasonic Water Bath, Oil Detection Device, Refrigerated Water Bath, Shaking Water Bath, Magnetic Stirrer, Air Conditioning Cabinets, Climatic Test Chambers,

Biological Safety Cabinet, Curing and Moisture Cabinet, Mechanical Mixer, Heater Table, Water Purifier are produced in our production line. Nucleon products are designed and developed for use in many different areas;

Basic Laboratory Equipment, Concrete, Asphalt, Aggregate Test Equipment, Laboratory Bench Systems, Turnkey Laboratory Systems, Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Consumables, Laboratory Glassware Laboratory Equipment and Equipment, we serve our customers.

Professional Support

We convey the innovations in the sector with our technical staff and deliver them to the end users in a fast way through our business partners and dealers. In this way, technical service support is provided by experienced dealers and technical personnel in after sales and installation phase.

Metin Çayır

General Manager
Nükleon Laboratuvar





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