Rolax Wet Paint Plants

02 Mart 2021

Rolax’s aim is to make the most appropriate technological design for the needs. For this reason, it makes the most suitable design for the process as a result of the observation made with professional teams in the field of the plant to be built. The design, which is made with 2D-3D project design and correct communication with the customer, it’s manufacturing and assembly is made by us.

Our plants, which ensure that the paint, which is the most appealing part of the product, is applied correctly and in accordance with the standards, are designed in accordance with the ministry of environment and occupational safety standards. While Rolax ensures that the paint is applied to the surface in the most correct way, it produces technological plants that offer the right solutions in paint and space saving, are environmentally sensitive and prioritize personnel health.

Since explosive particles are abundant during paint application, all electrical equipment to be used must have an ex-proof property suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 0 or Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 levels. Rolax manufactures all electrical equipment, luminaire, fans used in the facility as Ex-proof and with ATEX certificates.



Rolax Filtering System


1) Dry Filter Paint Plant

In dry filter paint plants, the part of the wet paint particles sent on the part with high pressure, which does not touch the surface, is kept on the wall or floor by EU3 type filters with an air speed of 0.3m / s provided by direct coupled fan in the plant. Then, with the help of an EU4 bag filter in the fan group, the air is discharged into the atmosphere in accordance with environmental legislation. The filters used must be changed within the life span determined specifically for the plants.

These filters are placed in specially designed cassettes for easy replacement. In the plants, a wall structure consisting of insulation material between two hot-dip galvanized coated sheets providing high-equipped sound and heat insulation against fire risk, and special design sandwich panels in modular structure using 50mm rock wool are used.

Rolax Dry Filter System


1- Wall Suction (Diagonal Type) Wet Paint Plant

 2- Floor Suction Wet Paint Plant


Equipment used in the plant;

Steel Construction structure

The plant is installed on a steel construction structure of appropriate strength, when deemed necessary, with expert teams in the field.

Rolax Wall System

They are specially designed sandwich panels in modular structure using 50mm rock wool, insulation material between two hot-dip galvanized coated sheets, which are highly equipped against fire risk and provide sound and heat insulation.


Rolax Floor System

The ground system is decided by evaluating the condition of the place where the plant will be installed and the type of material to be painted.


Rolax Ceiling System

Rolax paint plants use ceiling filter system for homogeneous distribution of fresh air and heat. Thanks to the filter cassette system specially designed by Rolax, it is possible to use the filter with 99% efficiency and to ensure easy replacement of the filters.


Rolax Ventilation System

It consists of a fresh air fan system and an exhaust fan system. The clean air fan system provides positive pressure by taking fresh air from outside and delivering it inside the plant. Fan systems are manufactured by us as SPARK-PROOF. Direct coupled fans provide a great deal of energy savings with superior performance. The energy loss seen in non-directly coupled connection systems is not seen in this fan type. The ventilation system and chimneys of the facility are designed in accordance with the current Environmental Legislation.


Rolax Lighting System

The primary consideration in the lighting system in the paint plants is that it should be ATEX certified with Ex-Proof feature against the possibility of possible explosion and fire. Position of Rolax lighting systems within the plant is designed meticulously in such a way that it provides homogeneous illumination and obtains the most desired illumination intensity according to the size and type of the material to be painted. Rolax luminaires are ATEX certified with Ex-Proof feature. Illumination intensity is 1000-1100 lux. Rolax lighting luminaires are designed and manufactured by Rolax itself and designed to be easy to maintain and clean.


Hidayet Erişti Chairperson of Board of Directors Rolax Booth Machine and Surface Treatment Technologies


Rolax Electric Control Panel

All of our control panels with IP 54 protection type are manufactured by us from steel sheet. All switch equipment required for the operation of the system, contactor type switch equipment, fuse units are IP 54 protection type and all motors are equipped with frequency and protection systems.


Rolax Filtering System


  1. Wet Filter Paint Plant

In wet paint plants, the part of the wet paint particles that are sent on the part with high pressure, which does not touch the surface, aka overspray parts, are kept in the water system storage, aka system tank, which is embedded on the floor or wall, with an air velocity of 0.3m / s provided by a direct coupled fan. Then, the last paint particles are released to the atmosphere by the pressurized water with the help of nozzles and passed through an EU3 type filter in accordance with the environmental standards. In the aqueous system filtering technique, filtering is made with a diagonal wall type or vertical floor waterfall system. Both can be applied together in the plant or only one can be preferred.


Sludge Separation

It is a system of separating the sludge, which is made up of a mixture of paint and water, kept in the storage by using a pallet system operating with a gearmotor. From here, dried sludge with high density is collected in the waste storage, which is the second storage.

The water type filtering system is preferred in plants that is used for heavy painting. This prevents frequent filter changes by keeping more paint waste.