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TAICEND’s Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology

TAICEND’s Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology

The industry-leading Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology from TAICEND is a patented, proprietary material that has shown to be extremely safe and effective in the medical industry.

When compared to other materials, like gauze and OPsite, which are frequently used to make dressings, it offers a number of glaring advantages. Among these benefits are a high rate of absorption, breathability, speedy healing, the prevention of scar tissue, a lack of cytotoxicity risk, and excellent biocompatibility with human fibroblast cells.

According to the testing method EN 13726-1, the Hydrophilic PU Foam from TAICEND has an exceptionally high absorption rate, with a representative value of 900%. The hydrophilic PU Foam’s molecular structure attracts water, giving it a high water retention rate. This thoroughly cleans the area and encourages healing by forcing dangerous exudate to be quickly and permanently removed from the wound bed.

The exudate can stew on the wound bed when using hydrophobic PU foam, which is not the case here. Additionally, the high breathability of TAICEND’s Hydrophilic PU Foam complements its rate of absorption. This is demonstrated in its moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTA), which uses the testing method EN 13726-2 and has a representative value of 1680 g/m-2.24h-1. Together, these two traits help to keep the wound site clean and guard against infection.

According to tests, TAICEND‘s Hydrophilic PU Foam performs up to 8 times better than gauze and opposite in terms of anti-adhesion. This assists in resolving the adhesion problem that most healthcare professionals fear when dealing with patches used in wet wound healing. Additionally, it makes it simple to remove the dressing and inspect wounds. Importantly, the foam’s dimensions, thickness, and capacity for absorption can all be changed to suit the needs of the wound.

TAICEND'den Hidrofilik Poliüretan Köpük Teknolojisi

The outstanding healing speed of TAICEND’s Hydrophilic PU Foam is also a reflection of its high effectiveness and dependability. This is significant because modern dressings are expected to do more than just cover the wound; they are expected to facilitate functional and aesthetic regeneration.

According to the National Cheng Kung University study previously mentioned, TAICEND’s ground-breaking Hydrophilic PU Foam also performs significantly better than gauze and opposite in this regard. This is a result of its exceptional capacity to lower inflammation, improve re-epithelization, and its moisturizing properties.

The Hydrophilic PU Foam from TAICEND has a lot of ground-breaking features. While making significant improvements to wound cleanliness, adhesion, and healing time, it keeps all the benefits of conventional dressings. This is why any medical professional should choose TAICEND’s Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology.

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