Çarşamba, Aralık 1, 2021

Veser: Local Address of Global Quality…

Veser, which has been bringing chemical raw materials together with manufacturers in many different sectors since 1988, started to offer polyurethane raw material systems to its customers in the year 2021.

Veser, who is acting with the slogan of the Local Address of Global Quality been a member of the Vinmar group of companies since 2017. Considering quality, diversity, and continuity, Veser reached an exclusive agreement with Wanhua Chemicals, one of the biggest players in the polyurethane sector, and started the sale of Wanhua products at the beginning of 2021.

Veser, one of the biggest sources in the market in the field of coating and paint raw materials, especially in epoxy resins and epoxy hardeners. With the Wanhua agreement, Veser has become one of the important suppliers that can offer;

• Modified MDI,

• Polymeric MDI,

• Monomeric MDI,

• TDI 80/20 & TDI 100,

• Polyether Polyol types,

• Polyurethane dispersions (PUD),

• Cast polyurethane systems (CPU),

• Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), products and base materials to companies that have
production or use in fields such as floor coatings, coatings of textile products, inner surface coatings of medical gloves, adhesives, mastics, elastomers, polyurethane-based paints, varnishes, textile printing paints, and textile printing inks.


Apart from such polyurethane raw material systems;

• IPDA (isophorone diamine); especially to manufacturers working on epoxy systems,

• PA (polyacrylic) emulsions; to manufacturers making coating applications in textile and different sectors it started to be supplied by Veser.

Soon, water-based polyurethane raw material systems, rheology agents, and hardeners will be supplied to synthetic leather manufacturers by Veser. These products will provide improvements and benefits in carbon emission, VOC (volatile organic compounds), environmental health, human health, and occupational safety in the synthetic leather industry.

Veser aims to be an important player in the artificial leather sector by combining the strength of its strong infrastructure and its experience in the field of supply with the special and innovative Wanhua products on water-based polyurethane systems artificial leather raw materials.


Serkan İltan
Rubber & PU Sales Manager
VESER Kimyevi Maddeler A.Ş.