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We have always been proud to serve you for over 80 years at the point we came by adding infusing rigor, honesty and truthfulness into our endeavors.In our history that lasted through generation HSSE (Health, safety, security and environment) has always been prioritized.

This awareness and enthusiasm have been the primary aspect we look for in any of the individuals that joined our team through the years.

Marcevaggi Logistic Group, with more than 1500 logistic equipment, 500 direct employees and its own IT software is one of the foremost Logistic Service Providers in Europe. The total revenue of the group reached 140 million Euros in 2017.

Our company, aside from continuing research and development to provide constantly improved customer services, increase management efficiency and implement new technologies in fleet management, invests in training sessions and projects that focus on human health, environment and information.

As Marcevaggi Logistic Group we promise to shorten the distances between people, places and products. We believe in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable growth and we trust our belief that serving with this conviction will carry us forward.

Our company, having combined its strategic position with its strong managerial staff, has been serving the leading producers of the chemistry, petrochemistry, oil and natural gas industries with the same rigor and devotion that we have shown over the past years.

Marcevaggi Logistic Group is divided in to three primary activities that will stay true to the main principles.

Star Chemical Logistic;

started out from the chemical logistic branch in 2000 by specializing bulk loading. The company focuses mostly on intermodal transportation. Our target is to shift the road traffic to railroad system by using expert suppliers and most efficient equipment.

The main focal point is to serve with intermodal within the North-South Europe corridor and  over the road within the North-Center Europe corridor. The headquarter of the company is located in Locate di Triulzi, Milano where also the container terminal is located since 2000.

Star Mediterranea;

is the group company that transports containers through sea shipment. The company provides short sea shipment and storage services for liquid chemicals focused within the Mediterranean Region.

Additionally, we provide every kind of container logistic services to major forwarding companies and shipping liners in the Tyrrhenian Sea ports. The headquarter of the company has been located in the VTE Terminal in Genoa, Voltri since 2004.

Levorato Marcevaggi;

provide transportation, storage and logistic services for LPG, GPL and Jet-1 aviation fuel. Specialized at the transportation of compressed, cryogenic and liquid gases.

Since 2011, the company have been serving the aviation industry by providing logistics, storage and refueling services for international and national airlines on behalf of big oil companies.

Levorato Marcevaggi, have been authorized to provide storage and refueling services in numerous airports including the primary airports in Italy by the local authorities.

Nazlı Kısakürek Aydin

Sales Manager Turkey
Star Chemical Logistic




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