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Wanhua Chemical launches R&D Center in Barcelona

Wanhua Chemical aims to deliver high-quality products and meet customer needs with its new R&D Center in Barcelona.

The Barcelona R&D Center of Wanhua Chemical, located at Cornella de Llobregat, has officially opened its doors as a pivotal move by the company to advance its footprint in Europe and beyond with a quicker response to the requirements of downstream customers and bolsters efforts in collaborative scientific research and innovation.

“At Wanhua Chemical, we’ve always prioritized technological innovation as our core competency. The opening of Barcelona R&D center symbolizes our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality products and meeting customer needs. We aspire to engage with the industry in a spirit of openness, collaborating to drive innovation and lead the way in sustainable development,” said Dr.Hua, Executive Vice President of Wanhua Chemical.

Wanhua Chemical launches R&D Center in Barcelona

Driving sustainability forward

The Center will be poised to quickly meet the needs of downstream customers, offering expert technical consultations on a range of topics, including product performance, application methods, and raw material selection. It will customize solutions to address the specific needs and challenges of its customers, facilitate the development and validation of new products, provide timely technical support for quality concerns, and keep pace with technological advancements in the industry through research and innovation.

The Barcelona R&D Center, an essential measure for the Company to drive sustainability forward, also unveils its ongoing research and development directions, which include green chemistry technology studies, renewable energy utilization, circular economy and waste utilization, and sustainable product development, while actively engaging in international cooperation and standard-setting initiatives.





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