Alex Composites

05 Aralık 2019

İrfan Devecioğlu
Genel Müdür
General Manager
Alex Composites

Since 2003, Tekno Kalıp has started to make a name for itself in the field of injection and composite molds by taking into consideration the current global technology and innovations in a short time. While operate in the field of composite molds, with the increasing demands on the ultimate product, Alex Kompozit also became a leading company in the sector in terms of engineering and design activities as well as final product quality. In this context, Tekno Kalıp is mainly involved in the design, production and manufacturing of molds for various composite products needed in infrastructure related to urbanism, various prefabricated building elements, telecommunication, aerospace, maritime and medical fields. Tekno Kalıp, thanks to the expert and innovative engineers in its structure; as well as the meeting the demands of the customers, it also aims to provide the best results by always presenting its own opinions and ideas about these demands. In this way, it aims to ensure customer satisfaction and development continuously by meeting the customer expectations at the maximum level. Each member of techno mold family is aware of the fact that being an international world brand can only be achieved through the application of high quality and efficiency standards to each of the innovations brought by the information age without delay as well as see the responsibility to have the knowledge and technical equipment to meet all the needs of the industry and to use this information to maximize the interests of the country.