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Archroma launches PFAS-free barrier coating

Archroma launches Cartaseal® OGB F10, a superior PFAS-free barrier coating for oil and grease applications.

Archroma, a renowned player in specialty chemicals dedicated to sustainable solutions, reveals the introduction of its newest advancement within the Cartaseal® lineup: Cartaseal® OGB F10.

Cartaseal® OGB F10 stands out as a top-tier water-based barrier coating, engineered to resist oil and grease. This innovation empowers paper manufacturers to deliver packaging of exceptional quality and sustainability by substituting fluorinated compounds and polyethylene with a coating that is both recyclable and repulpable. Compliant with FDA and BfR regulations, it is well-suited for the production of paper and board intended for both food and non-food applications.

Superior PFAS-free barrier coating

Key features and benefits of Cartaseal® OGB F10 include:

• Superior oil and grease barrier: Offers unparalleled protection against oil and grease, ensuring the integrity and freshness of packaged goods. Its advanced formulation guarantees maximum resistance, providing peace of mind for both manufacturers and consumers.

• Exceptional resistance even when folding: Provides superior oil and grease resistance (OGR) for folding box board and flexible paper packaging application, without compromising on performance.

• Recyclable and repulpable: Facilitates easy recycling and repulping processes, contributing to a more sustainable packaging lifecycle. In addition, as it contains bio-based raw materials, Cartaseal® OGB F10 supports brands and papermakers in their journey towards sustainability by minimizing reliance on oil-based substances.

“We are excited to introduce Cartaseal® OGB F10 to the market, our latest barrier solution that addresses key challenges in the packaging industry while upholding our commitment to sustainability,” said Sameer Singla, CEO PP&C at Archroma. “With its unmatched oil and grease resistance, exceptional foldability, and sustainability features, Cartaseal® OGB F10 represents a significant advancement in packaging technology, empowering businesses to meet evolving consumer demands while reducing their environmental footprint.”

Cartaseal® OGB F10 sets a new standard for packaging excellence, offering a comprehensive solution that prioritizes functionality, sustainability, and performance.





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