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LANXESS Announces Capacity Expansion at Kamala

LANXESS Announces Capacity Expansion at Kamala

Special chemicals company LANXESS has doubled its production capacity for benzyl alcohol at its Kalama Site, to support the growth of its established customer base in the Americas. The capacity expansion is the result of various technical upgrades.

Used as preservative, solvent, fragrance fixative and intermediate, benzyl alcohol is highly valued due to its low volatility and low toxicity. The colorless liquid with a pleasant, mild aroma is suitable for all customer needs.


“With our innovative purification process, LANXESS is the world’s leading producer of benzyl alcohol. The Kalama site now serves as the central hub in our global plant network of four sites producing high-purity benzyl alcohol”, explained Holger Hueppeler, Head of LANXESS’ business unit Flavors & Fragrances. “By doubling Kalama’s production capacity we can provide fast international deliveries and offer a resilient supply chain that can cope with increasing geopolitical uncertainties.”




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