Coalescing Agent/ Alcohol Ester in Water Based Systems: ALCOTER®

30 Mart 2020

Ester alcohol is a film-forming agent used in water-based decorative paints and coatings, formulated with “2,2,4-Trimethyl- 1,3-pentanediol-isobutyrate.”

As Hecckem, the alcohol ester we offer on the market under the name ALCOTER® is a light-scented, reliable filmforming agent that performs well even at low concentrations. It is an excellent bonding aid for emulsion polymers.

ALCOTER® reduces the minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) of styrene acrylic copolymer in water-based paints, prevents pore and micro crack formation during film formation and provides the best level film integrity.

When ALCOTER® is added to an emulsion paint, ALCOTER® is first absorbed, softened by the system, and a complete bond is achieved when the paint film dries.

• Interior and exterior paints,
• In jambs,
• Sealants,
• Film-forming additive that is actively used in water- based inks and printing paints.

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Burcu Karadeniz

Chemical Engineer
Domestic Sales Representative