İlknur Kurt, Production Manager of Ares Kabin

19 Şubat 2014

We had a interview with İlknur Kurt, Production Manager of Ares Kabin, about powder and wet paint facility.

Dear İlknur Kurt, could you briefly mention about yourself, your education, and your professional background?
I was born in Ankara,1980. After secondary and high school, I graduated from 19 May University, the department of building. I started to business life but never did my proficiency. I worked for two different companies producing wet and dry paint facilities as a project officer. Later, we founded our own company and began to attain our place in the market. We take pride and success in competing with lots of companies by our experience.

İlknur Kurt

Can you talk about the development process of Ares Cabin from its foundation till now?
Ares Cabin has aimed to address to a specific area at first but the market is so large that we had to go beyond the ordinary cabins. When this is the case, Ares Cabin family changed its decisions as a whole painting facility. While there were only auto-minibusheavy vehicle painting and drying cabins in the products, there are water-screen wet painting cabins, powder paint facilities, industrial facilities, and surface processing lines as well. Also there are productions of all these facilities.

Can we get information about powder paint? Which sectors do you serve?
Powder paint facilities are produced as U turn or box type automatically and manually. While producing a powder paint facility, the capacity which costumer asked is learnt. After proper calculations according to that capacity, manufacturing projects are prepared. The important thing is to provide making the facility work in the right time and homogeneously air distribution.

The powder paint facilities we have produced until today are serving the sectors of automotive, electronic, aluminum, electric, furniture components, metal, advertisement, and etc.

Can you give us some information about your wet painting facilities?
Wet painting facilities are produced in many groups. It is produced water-screen as well as filtered. Both painting and drying are possible in these cabins by positive pressure. You can also apply just painting in a desired temperature. Of course, flash-off and drying oven are needed in these kinds of situations. This is appropriate
for intense capacities. Wet painting facilities are produced as the best fits according to costumer’s wish and the quality of material with a manual or automatic system. Wet painting facilities are serving the sectors of automotive, white goods, plastic, advertisement, and etc

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Do you have any products related to Electrostatic Powder Paint Guns?
As a part of our job, we have to know about airless guns and powder paint machines because it is obvious that guns have a specific importance in paint sector. We do not sell guns and robots. The paint machine is a huge sector. Also, you must have technical service and spare parts if you sell a thing. The right thing is that you
should serve with your technical crew within your company not with intermediary firms so we do not sell powder and wet paint machines. If we are asked about these machines, we lead them to expert firms.

Can you talk about R&D activities? What can you say about your crew?
R&D is a vital point in our job. Technology is developing constantly. We, the firms producing paint, have to do R&D activities to keep up with it. We cannot make only one type facility. When a costumer asks something, we have to develop ourselves and make R&D activities improve that way in order to lead that costumer to an
appropriate process.

Our working personnel are technically well educated. Manufacturing, installation and technical service personnel consist of technicians. We have a staff showing that they know the job and solve the problem during the dialogue with costumers.

Do you have technical service for your costumers after selling?
Yes, absolutely. This is the thing. After manufacturing and installation, job is not done. There is no chance that you pass it. Moreover, supporting the products is the point which makes you successful in this field. Not only malfunction, but also spare parts should be supported. We follow the filter, chemical, overhaul of the product
and warn the costumer when it is the time. By this way, we prevent each cabin’s short life span, harms to environment and personnel’s health. This situation makes costumers happy and makes you indispensible.

Is there any studying about environment?
We follow the process that the Ministry of Environment asked for. The facilities we produced have so many filters from taking the fresh air to the giving the exhaust air. There is absolutely not any paint particles in the exhaust air.

How was 2012 for Ares Cabin in the lights of its target and projects?
2012 was really good for Ares Cabin. We took the desired jobs and delivered successfully. We founded facilities for defense industry, white goods, and advertisement sector. While our aim for 2012 was just strengthen the references, we made beyond that.

What are your goals and project for 2013?
Making a name by attending domestic and foreign fairs, founding new facilities thoroughly are some of our goals for 2013. The target is being a wanted firm in foreign market like in domestic market.

For the last thing, do you have any message for the sector?
In order to exist in the sector, we should support and stand behind our products. We should not do just for perfunctory. We can success the rivalry via our products.

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