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A Bright Future of Composites

In our modern world, composite materials are being used from infrastructure to aerosopace industries. Due it’s advantages in comparasion with other materials, composite materials keep continue to play strategic role where the people needs lightweight, durable, long lifed and cost effective materials in their applications.

If we look back to the history, we can clearly see the number of composite material patents increased through the years. Between the 1950’s and 1970’s avarage number for the patents was around 1.000 per year. But today , it’s expected more than 3000 per year. (fig. 1A)

Figure 1A. Number of composite patents per year

This example gives us a good idea how the world will be shaped in the near future. Where we will see the most parts of the planes, cars&vehicles are being produced from composite materials.

The change has been already started but with the developments and easy access of 3D printers, more people will be able to produce their own tools, transportation devices, customised assitant robots, houses and much more in really near future by using composite materials and additives.

Figure 2A. 3D Printed composite house, bicycle and robot

While composite materials takes that much strategic place in our daily life, within their thermoset resins group; catalysts (Organic Peroxides) and accelerators having the same importance for the production.

As Akpa Chemical, we are manufacturing wide range high-tech peroxides&accelerators more than 20 years. Our organic peroxides (catalysts) are being used in Hand Lay-Up/Spray Up, Pultrusion, RTM, Lamination, Filament Winding, SMC/BMC Etc. applications all across the world.

For a more green and sustainable future with our dynamic and experienced R&D team we are keeping continue to produce environmentally friendly technologies such as; phthalate free organic peroxides (Akperox A50PF, Akperox A60PF), lead free paint driers (Akdry mix2, Akdry HP39) by knowing our responsibilities.

Figure 3A. A commercial 3D printer and 3D printed thermoplastic tool

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