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The Protech Group Acquires MF Paints Inc.

The Protech Group has announced the acquisition of MF Paints Inc., a prominent manufacturer and distributor of premium-quality architectural paints and stains based in Laval, Quebec. Montreal-based Protech has acquired 100% of the shares of MF Paints affirming its ongoing dedication to the Quebec economy.

“We are thrilled to welcome the talented management team and employees at MF Paints Inc. to the Protech family,” said David Ades, President, Protech Group. “The acquisition of MF Paints Inc. represents a combination of shared values and a commitment to excellence in the industry.

Under the leadership of the Morello family, MF has grown into the pre-eminent paint brand in the Quebec market. Customers can anticipate continued access to premium, environmentally conscious paint products designed to meet the diverse needs of the Canadian market.”

The acquisition of MF Paints Inc. is in line with The Protech Group’s strategic vision to diversify and fortify its presence in the Canadian market. It brings together the extensive experience and capabilities of The Protech Group, with the well-established reputation and expertise of MF Paints Inc. Protech is committed to providing support and leveraging its purchasing, technical, and manufacturing capabilities to further enhance MF Paints Inc.’s market position and product offerings.



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